Short Summary

Let’s introduce you to the crew, the inventors, the life line of this project!

Let’s start with Tony Pizza Guy! YouTube sensation. With over 150,000 subscribers to his channel, Tony is no stranger to making videos. Working for WWE as a producer for their YouTube page, he makes videos for several wrestling fans and wants to finally bring them into the limelight they deserve to be.

Then there is Jeremy Lubash! The founder of 10/32 Productions. A writer, director, producer. Making several short films and a feature length film, plus working on several sets of movies, Jeremy brings his experiences in film making to this documentary.

Logan Davis, what can we say about him? He owns Free Captive Productions. Having filmed several films and events (including WWE events), Logan is very talented in many aspects of film making and will bring a huge sense of professionalism to this documentary.

These three working together for Magnum Pro Wrestling (a small independent wrestling organization in Nebraska), they have taken Magnum to new heights. Not to mention they are HUGE professional wrestling fans and have grew up watching the product.

We’ve seen documentaries on wrestlers themselves and events they have put on. But NEVER has there been one on wrestling fans, a.k.a. “marks”. We feel that wrestling fans are just as important to the world of professional wrestling and it is about time that someone did a documentary on them.